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Policy - Lirik Lagu Rohani | Christian Song Lyrics

Policy provides lyrics to its online visitors. All featured lyrics are copyrighted material of artist and/or their representatives. Lyrics are submitted by our visitors and may be inaccurate or incomplete. is dedicated to providing the most valuable resource possible. Giving pastors, worship pastors, Bible study leaders, and the everyday Christian, a resource to help them search, sort, and connect with the Christian music lyrics for them.

This site is dedicated to serving the Christian community to provide the most comprehensive database of Christian music lyrics. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, complains, or praises.

Lyrics Copyright

Lyrics posted on this website are either copyrighted or in public domain. Lyrics can be in public domain if their owners wish to make them publicly available. They may also be old enough to become public domain. However, most of the lyrics are not in the public domain.

Lyrics posted on are copyright of their rightful owners. We receive lyrics directly from Independent Artists, Labels and site visitors. All lyrics are posted on our website unless specifically requested by rightful copyright owners not feature them on our site.

It is mutually beneficial to all parties to have lyrics featured on By featuring lyrics on this site, we help popularise them thus providing maximum exposure for Labels and artists.

We welcome lyrics for existing songs and new releases from artists and Labels, including debut artists. If you are in possession of publishing rights to songs and would like them featured on our website, please contact us to grant us a license to feature your music on our website.

Whilst actively pursuing Labels, artists, music publishers and copyright holders to license their lyrics so they can appear on our website, we will delete any lyric on our website on the expressed wish of the copyright holder. Therefore, please contact us to remove any lyric which you, the copyright holder wish to be excluded from our website.